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History at Pembridge Hall is an engaging and exciting subject area in which our girls thrive.

Through the teaching of History we aim to fire children’s curiosity about the past and encourage them to develop an understanding of how historical events have shaped today’s complex world. We endeavour to enable children to acquire key enquiry skills which will broaden their learning and performance, both in History and across the wider curriculum. These skills enable children to ask relevant questions, to pose and define problems and to plan what to do and how to research.

We incorporate a variety of activities in our planning and provision for History teaching, in order to cater for different learning styles and ensure that all girls are engaged, challenged and motivated. Our lessons might include such diverse activities as dressing up as Victorian children to explore toys in the past, making a small-scale model of a medieval castle, visiting the Royal Army museum to take part in a Florence Nightingale themed workshop, or creating a diary entry for Guy Fawkes on the eve of the Gunpowder Plot. 

Topics covered across the school encompass a wide range of themes and historical periods, including: People who help us, Toys from the past, Florence Nightingale, Guy Fawkes, The Great Fire of London, Ancient Egypt, The Romans, The Anglo-Saxons, World War II, The Aztecs, The Tudors, The Victorians and The Ancient Greeks.