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Speaking and Listening

Year 2 Speaking and ListeningSpeaking and Listening is an integral part of learning and has a central role to play in developing children’s knowledge and understanding. At Pembridge Hall we value the important role Speaking and Listening plays  in children’s social, emotional and cognitive development, and ensure quality discussion and  debate are everyday classroom activities.

Space is created for our pupils to become confident and   engaging speakers and active and empathetic listeners through    a wide range of experiences. Assemblies, Poetry Recitals and philosophical discussions offer pupils the opportunity to speak    for a variety of purposes and respond to ideas posed by others. Presentations form a key part of Speaking and Listening at Pembridge Hall. Pupils are encouraged to prepare a presentation for their peers, under a given theme; ranging from ‘What do I want to be when I’m older?’ in Year 2 to ‘Great Leaders’ in Year 6. Creativity and independence is promoted through these projects and pupils enjoy designing their own PowerPoints, leaflets or posters to support their presentation. The presentations are evaluated by the class teacher, focusing on content, structure and delivery and specific feedback is given to each pupil to help improve their Speaking and Listening skills further.

At home, discussion is facilitated between parents and pupils through the ‘Let’s Talk’ section of the Pembridge Hall Newsletter. Each week two questions are posed for pupils to discuss with their families, from topical debates to the profoundly philosophical. Parents and pupils enjoy discussing these on car journeys, around the dinner table or wherever else they may be at the weekend. On Monday morning pupils are eager to share their views with their peers and are encouraged to reflect upon the debates they have had at home.